Have you ever played football video games like FIFA 15 or PES 2015 but don't get to do it with your favorite local club or even your national team? I'm specifically talking to the predominantly basketball-crazy Filipinos, who are starved with having their Philippine Azkals or United Football League club on video game. Now there is a way to stop this madness, why not modify an existing game and insert your team?

The good thing is that First Touch Soccer (FTS 15 in its current iteration) allows you to do that. I created a mod that inserts the league in the palm of your hands. If you downloaded this free game from iOS, you can add this mod so you can play with Phil Younghusband, recreate the memorable Azkals game against its regional rivals or even play in the World Cup.

It is a work in progress and you can check the screenshots below:

This mod includes all teams from both division 1 and division 2 plus Cebu Queen City United. Since I replaced the default JLeague slot, some teams have slightly changed lineups since I couldn't find updated lineups. If you have high resolution photos of current team kits and updated lineups (especially that of Kabuscorp de Laguna), please share it here. Here are the teams that I have completed so far:

Updates: UFL Kits v1.0 Released (plus adboard)

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  1. Bro can i have a copy of this?even just the jerseys pls...link or url of it...tnx...godbless..

  2. Tnx bro...what league u changed for the ufl?

  3. Bro i got gau home kit,laguna,socceroo,mendiola and laos..all jome kit only..

  4. can i use it on I Devices ?

    And how to install the Roster ?


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