There was a time when the Philippines has a league so ambitious that it introduced a regional home-away format where fans from the provinces can cheer for their favorite hometown teams and jeered at heated rivals. That was the Metropolitan Basketball Association, more popularly known as Metroball or MBA.

Many Filipino basketball fans have known about this league from 1998 up to its untimely demise in 2002. While some fans may have forgotten about this and it is quite rare to see a glimpse of what the league was when it took the country by storm and even attempted to replace the Philippine Basketball Association as the true favorite pastime.

I haven't seen any mods for the NBA 2K series that seems to recreate that good old days when people filled out provincial basketball arenas and school gymnasiums just to get to see their favorite team. Without further ado, I decided to start creating a mod for the MBA. Right now, I'm looking for expert help in roster editing, cyberfaces and other aspects of the mod.

Download links will be available soon as this mod is a work in progress. If you know how to edit rosters, create cyberfaces or research hard to find photos and game videos, you are free to help and join the modding team so we can finish this mod as soon as possible.

Roster - Roster updates being made to include actual lineups of all teams. No stats and other player infos yet.
Cyberfaces - No cyberfaces for most of the players. PBA cyberfaces were used on some players.
Jerseys - 90% complete but alternate jerseys and other season jerseys will be added soon.
Courts - Already complete, minor customizations will be added soon like crowds, dornas, mascots and cheerleaders.
Gameplay Graphics - Already complete, checking for bugs and other graphics not changed.

Here is a sneak peak of the game:

Don't forget to like the Facebook fan page. If you are keen to help the MBA 2K mod, please comment below.

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