The Untold Story of the Lost 'Darna' of Indonesia

Did you know that the iconic Filipino superheroine Darna has an Indonesian version?

Many of us grew up knowing about the adventures of our favorite superheroine Darna in classic Pinoy komiks and later on the big screen. The iconic character was created by prolific comic book writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo for Pilipino Komiks issue 77 on May 13, 1950. It was actually reimagination of an older Ravelo character named Varga, which he also written and illustrated. It pre-dated Darna as it appeared in Bulaklak Magazine, volume 4 issue 17, on July 23, 1947.

The larger-than-life superheroine has outgrown her comic book universe and she later appeared in many films and TV series through the decades. Several actresses have portrayed Darna including the likes of Rosa del Rosario, Liza Moreno, Eva Montes, Gina Pareño, Vilma Santos, Lorna Tolentino, Rio Locsin, Sharon Cuneta, Nanette Medved, Anjanette Abayari, Regine Velasquez, Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera, Iza Calzado and Jane De Leon.

However, there is one version of Darna that went beyond our shores and even had a movie of her own - Darna Ajaib ("The Wonderful Darna"). If the Filipino comics adopt Marvel and DC Comic's multiverse then this would be the one. Produced in Indonesia for their own domestic film industry, the film was one of the many superhero films during the golden age of Indonesian exploitation films in the late 1970s and early 1990s. In fact, it's the only superheroine film they had.

As one of the oldest and more developed film industry in the region, it won't be a surprise to see some of our most iconic films ending up influencing another country's film industry. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Interestingly, the Indonesian Darna was even introduced to foreign festivals (Canada, South Korea) later on its film showing history. And everything has gone full circle when our Darna (2022 TV series) was finally shown on Indonesian TV before it was unceremoniously cancelled.

The Socio-Political Milieu

The phenomenon of Indonesian exploitation films, including the creation of the Indonesian version of Darna, known as Darna Ajaib, can be attributed to the broader context of the country's film industry during the golden age of Indonesian exploitation films in the late 1970s and early 1990s.

Indonesian exploitation films of that era were known for their high adrenaline violence, sexuality, and a fusion of Western cinema elements with traditional folkloric and mythological stories. These films represented a unique form of cinema in Southeast Asia, with a focus on surrealistic, fantastical horror populated by shape-shifting martial arts warriors, demon-sorceresses, and other supernatural elements.

The genre provided a distinct regional identity to Indonesian cinema, offering a cinematic experience unlike any other. These films often explored traditional folklore, archetypes, and themes, blending them with Western influences to create a cinematic style that resonated with local audiences. Some filmmakers have used the medium as a platform to hide political messages against the long-standing regime of President Suharto, which also coincided with that of President Ferdinand Marcos.

Influence of Filipino Cinema

The popularity and influence of the Filipino superheroine Darna were widespread, not only in the Philippines but also in neighboring countries. Darna's character, with its superhero origin, transformation ability, mission to fight evil, and connections to family, became a template that could be adapted to suit the cultural nuances of other regions.

The success of Darna in Filipino cinema may have inspired Indonesian filmmakers to create their own version, particularly during a period when exploitation films were thriving and filmmakers were experimenting with various genres and narratives.

Horror Trends

The broader context of Indonesian horror trends, characterized by a shift from psychological horror to supernatural horror, played a role in shaping the narrative of Darna Ajaib. The film incorporated elements of Indonesian mysticism, horror, and teenage relationships.

The film's narrative, featuring a clash between the protagonist's powers and sinister forces, aligned with the prevalent themes in Indonesian horror films, where supernatural battles and moral choices were explored.

The Indonesian Darna

Before Darna Ajaib went on the big screen, there was an Indonesian comic of the same name by artist Armin Tanjung, which was obviously inspired by Ravelo's most famous work. It was later picked up for film adaptation by director Lilik Sudjio, who was also noted for his works copying foreign superhero films and tailored it to fit to Indonesian horror film fans at that time. Hundreds of films were produced during the decade that included Tarsan Retired (1976), Zorro Kemayoran (1976), and Gundala Putra Lightning (1981). Indonesian horror movies gained popularity globally in the early 1980s, featuring a mix of witchcraft, mystical martial arts, and gory scenes. In fact, the poster for Darna Ajaib is basically taken from the 1978 Superman movie (starring Christopher Reeve) including the pose and font used.

It's not a surprise that the Indonesian Darna would have departed from its Filipino origin story and geared toward a more mystical and dark magic kind of narrative. It may have been influenced by Ravelo's iconic character, they have reinvented it as their own. In fact, some Indonesian articles have made comparison with Wonder Woman (created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter in 1941) instead of the Filipino Darna.

By comparison:

1. Superhero Origin from External Source: Both the Filipino Darna and the Indonesian Darna Ajaib gain their powers from external, supernatural sources. The Filipino Darna gets her powers from a celestial object, a white stone from the sky, while the Indonesian Darna Ajaib's powers come from a magical membrane that wraps around her when she was born.

Darna flying over Jakarta

2. Transformation Ability: In both cases, the protagonist has the ability to transform from their ordinary human form into a powerful superhero. The Filipino Darna transforms by saying her name, and the Indonesian Darna Ajaib has extraordinary powers that she obtained from a magical membrane.

3. Mission to Fight Evil: Both characters have a mission to face and combat forces of darkness and evil that afflict their respective worlds. They are sent to Earth with a purpose to use their powers for the greater good.

4. Adoption: The main characters, Narda in the Filipino version and Malia in the Indonesian version, are both adopted. They are raised by caring guardians after being orphaned or abandoned.

The Indonesian Darna wore costume with symbols tied up to indigenous mysticism

5. Connection with Family: The characters in both versions have connections to their families, whether biological or adopted. There are elements of family tragedy and mystery surrounding their origins.

6. Setting and Background: The settings and backgrounds of the stories are different. The Filipino Darna's story is set in the provincial town of Masambong, while the Indonesian Darna Ajaib's story is set in the city of Jakarta.

7. Friends and Relationships: The relationships and dynamics between the characters vary. In the Filipino version, Narda has a brother named Ding, and her relationships with her family are explored. In the Indonesian version, Malia, Darna, and Doddy form a trio of close friends, and romantic elements are introduced as they grow into teenagers.

Just like our Darna, she also fought bad guys

8. Nature of their Powers: Both the Filipino and Indonesian versions have superhuman strength, speed, and flight. However, Darna Ajaib has more mystical qualities that the Filipino version doesn't have - like the ability to shape shift.

9. Evil Origins: The source of the evil that the characters face differs. In the Indonesian version, Malia's true parents are mentioned as evil demon giants who order her to kill anyone who hurts her, including her friends. This adds a layer of complexity to the moral choices the characters must make.

The Origin Story

"Darna Ajaib" begins with two seemingly unrelated events in different parts of the world. Lastri, who lived in a village and was barren, miraculously becomes pregnant and gives birth to a daughter with the body of a cobra. Frightened by the unusual appearance of her child, Lastri dies, and her husband is killed by an evil force. Simultaneously, in Jakarta, Dewo's wife, pregnant for an extended period, gives birth to a daughter surrounded by strange phenomena, including blooming flowers and a magical membrane.

Darna and her evil counterparts were born with opposite circumstances

Twelve years later, Lastri's daughter, now named Malia, is adopted by her uncle and aunt. Malia possesses unknown and dangerous powers, prompting her to flee to Jakarta. In the city, she attends school and becomes close friends with Darna, Dewo's daughter, and Doddy. As teenagers, Malia, Darna, and Doddy experience romantic feelings, creating a complex dynamic among them.

Malia's strange powers resurface, leading to tragic consequences, including the death of Doddy's female cousin and eventually Doddy's mother. Malia discovers her true demonic parents, who command her to kill anyone who harms her, including her friends. Meanwhile, Darna learns about her extraordinary powers obtained from a magical membrane in a necklace.

As the relationships among Malia, Darna, and Doddy become entangled with jealousy and conflicts, the story unfolds into a tale of supernatural battles and moral choices. Malia's sinister powers and Darna's superhero abilities clash, leading to a confrontation between the two friends. Darna faces the challenge of choosing between her friendship with Malia and eradicating the evil inherited from Malia's demonic father.

Malia shows the evil in her

The narrative is characterized by its unique blend of Indonesian mysticism, horror elements, and the exploration of teenage relationships. "Darna Ajaib" takes the familiar Darna mythos and infuses it with a level of creepiness, creating an engaging story that combines Pinoy superhero goofiness with Indonesian freakiness. The film culminates in a showdown between Darna and the forces of evil, showcasing the protagonist's strength and determination in the face of supernatural threats.

The Face Behind Darna

Lydia Kandou was born to Rei Petrus Kandou and Maria Jacoba Petronella Giezekamp on February 21, 1963, in Jakarta. She is of mixed Indonesian-Dutch heritage with Filipino, Indian, and Minahasan lineage. She began her career as a model and transitioned to acting at the age of 16. Her debut in Has Manan's "Wanita Segala Zaman" marked the beginning of a prolific career that spanned over 20 films in the next five years.

Lydia Kandou (left) portrayed the titular character

Kandou's filmography includes diverse roles, from playing Chrisye's love interest in Syamsul Fuad's "Seindah Rembulan" to collaborating with the comedy troupe Warkop. Her talent was recognized when she received her first Citra Award nomination for Best Leading Actress at the 1984 Indonesian Film Festival.

In 1986, Kandou married Muslim singer-actor Jamal Mirdad in a civil service, sparking sensational news due to their interfaith marriage. The government did not recognize their marriage until 1995, leading to extensive legal discussions.

Despite the downturn in the Indonesian film industry in the early 1990s, Kandou continued to thrive. She received critical acclaim for her lead role in Nyak Abbas Akup's "Boneka dari Indiana," earning her first Citra Award win. Her career expanded to television, where she became a regular on shows like "Gara-Gara" and "Selendang Sutra Biru."

After a hiatus from feature films, Kandou made a return in 2004 with "d'Trex" and "Ketika." In 2011, she starred in the comedy "Kejarlah Jodoh Kau Kutangkap," referencing her earlier work.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kandou's personal life, including her marriage to Jamal Mirdad and their legal struggles, added to her public persona. She filed for divorce from Mirdad in 2013, and the couple has four children together.

Lydia Kandou's portrayal of Darna Ajaib in the film contributed to her diverse and accomplished career in the Indonesian entertainment industry. Her ability to tackle various roles and her historic wins at the Piala Citra solidify her legacy as a respected and influential figure in Indonesian cinema.


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Istoryadista | History Blog | Cebu Blogger: The Untold Story of the Lost 'Darna' of Indonesia
The Untold Story of the Lost 'Darna' of Indonesia
Did you know that the iconic Filipino superheroine Darna has an Indonesian version?
Istoryadista | History Blog | Cebu Blogger
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