Quick overview for XBOX 360 users:

TWO WAYS to get music in the game:

Option 1. Burn mp3s onto a cd-r/rw as an AUDIO CD. Mp3 disc or data disc doesnt work. 

Your traditional 70-80 minute audio cd-r is the only way to go.
- After being ripped to your XBOX 360 harddrive, you need to create playlists for the game to recognize.

Option 2. Using your computer, you can set up your music files to stream back and forth. 

Via Tools-->options-->library-->configure sharing in WMP, you can create a connection to your 360. 

For PS3 users, playlists appear to be needed. This is done via the ps3 'dashboard' interface. 

-Using a USB flash drive, you can copy over all of the content that you desire, and start your playlist set up that way.
-Using a CD-R as an mp3 disc also works to copy your music
-Using a CD-R as an audio disc also works.

(Source: Operation Sports)

Types of NBA Arena Music Events

TIPOFF- Generally speaking, after the games intro music ends, you have 15-20 seconds of "tipoff" music to coincide with the games tipoff
LONG- Generally speaking, when timeouts are called, the camera pans out to the crowd, and the LONG event kicks in.
HOME UP- Generally speaking, when the home team is in possession of the ball
AWAY UP- Generally speaking, when the away team is in possession of the ball
CHANT DEFENSE- Essentially what AWAY UP is. Most people tend to use the same playlists for both of HAWAY UP and CHANT DEFENSE event. Interchangeable with the AWAY UP event.
CHANT TEAM- Much like the Chant Defense event, this one focuses on when the HOME team has the ball. Interchangeable with the HOME UP event.
HIGHLIGHT- Last year this one didnt seem to really work or have a place in the game. It appears this would work when the game shows a quick highlight. Maybe a TV theme would work best here.
HALFTIME- This is a MENU music track that is usually played in and around the halftime menus. (im not exactly sure if this was fully functional last year)
This would play when the POTG menu is on the screen showing stats and highlights. I tend to throw in some end of the game classics or stick with some "I'm the &*^$" type hip hop songs.

So many sleepless nights, routine Youtube gameplay watching, blog reading, and forum postings, NBA 2K11 has finally arrived. I must admit that it is the most anticipated game that I ever wanted to come. As Michael Jordan would say "I'm Back!" on his first comeback, the world was on fire. Yeah, his appearance on the game is one for the books. Buzz about the game went to its height in the last few days as ordinary gamers like have waited long enough for the release. In fact, I keep visiting my favorite video game stores for any update. I finally received an SMS that the game that I pre-ordered is now ready for pick up.

Time for me to run with the Bulls tonight guys! MJ here I come.

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