Heroes always have sidekicks to support them because without them, heroes would never defeat the villain without the help of their trusted buddies. In Philippine cinema, we tend to overlook the crucial role of the supporting actors that help our heroes when they are in grave danger or in an uncomfortable situation.

Batman always have Robin. The Lone Ranger have Tonto as his partner. Sherlock Holmes gets assistance from Dr. Watson. Don Quixote teams up with Sancho Panza. Here are the greatest Philippine movie sidekicks of all time:

1. Dencio Padilla
When talk about movie sidekicks then you always refer to Dencio Padilla as the typical lead supporting cast. Without him, Fernando Poe, Jr. would get beaten up by Max Alvarado or Paquito Diaz and his henchmen. Always loyal to FPJ to the end, Dencio always provide comic relief when the going gets tough.

2. Panchito Alba
In Dolphy's long and illustrious career, the late Panchito Alba (Alfonso Tagle, Sr. in real life) has defined his comic legacy. Without Panchito, Dolphy would never reached his stature as the King of Philippine Comedy. Much like the Filipino counterpart of the Laurel and Hardy fame, Panchito and Dolphy are famous for their English-Filipino song translation routine.

3. Palito
This thin-reed statured actor, the late Reynaldo Hipolito in real life, is always on the bitter end of slapstick comedies of Dolphy and other comedians. He played well of the role of a sidekick that is always get harmed by hero and villain at the same time.

4. Babalu
Known as Pablito Sarmiento in real life, Babalu is another Dolphy sidekick known for his enormous chin. As part of his comedic charm, Babalu's chin is always the center of all gags. He was said to be discovered when he served as Panchito's driver where his natural knack for telling jokes was known. He debuted in the television show “Buhay Artista” and since then he starred in countless comedies in films and television shows.

5. Rene Requestas
The most popular comedian of the nineties, the late Rene Requestas looks like a homeless dude because his crazy hairstyle and toothless grin. His impeccable timing and humorous delivery has made him famous thereby earning him his own movies and teamed up with fellow comedian Joey De Leon. His role as Chita-eh as sidekick to Starzan (played by De Leon) became synonymous to him.

6. Redford White
You may mistake him as someone with foreign blood but actually, he (Cipriano Cermeno II in real life) has albinism. Redford White first came to prominence in the late seventies for his supporting role in the sitcom Iskul Bukol. For the rest of the 1980's, scored hit comedies that culminated his partnership with Eric Quizon in Buddy en Sol.

7. Ritchie D' Horsie
Filipinos have always this affinity for people with unique physical deformities including those having disproportionate teeth like Richie D'Horsie, Ritchie Reyes in real life.

8. Amay Bisaya
Considered as the sidekick of sidekick, Amay Bisaya is a Dencio Padilla protege that plays prominent roles in FPJ movies as the usual guy who get whacked first by the bad guys. His extreme loyalty to the hero is commendable despite the enormous pressures he goes through.

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