I have always thought that my ultimate burger was the Big Mac then my changed as I ate a double-beef patties layered burger with cheese and TLC. Unfortunately, I was wrong because charbroiled burger with "real" beef without extenders proved to be much superior. Getting served with a cholesterol dose of good burger from Flame It and Carl's Jr. makes me wonder if it is the pinnacle of all the countless burger meals that I had in my lifetime.

I never realized how technology has advanced to the point that chefs and food technologists tried to dissect the ultimate burger and go in great lengths to reinvent it by introducing cryo-technology just to cook a beef pattie into something uniquely science fiction. Have you ever tried your luck munching beef dipped in liquid nitrogen and then vacuumed-sealed only to be deep-fried in searing heat?

How much would it cost for a burger made in 36 hours? Can you wait for your order if it takes quite a long time to get it done? If you want to know, let's break it down according to its layers.

The burger has a glaze made of suet, pureed toato confit, beef stock, and smoked salt. Maitake mushroom that is sauteed in beef suet is added. The Romaine lettuce is infused sous vide with liquid hickory smoke. a tomate slice is vacuum-compressed to ensure its freshness.

A slice of cheese is made from an aged Emmental, Comte, and wheat ale. The most important is the beef patty that is a short-rib grounded vertically to align the grain. The ketchup is made of crimini mushroom mixed with honey, horseradish, fish sauce, ginger, and allspice.

Bon apetit! Modernist Cuisine that's quite some burger but no thank you. I still prefer my regular yum from Jolibee.

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