Ever since the United States invaded Afghanistan in an effort to quash out the Taliban and Al-Qaeda after the disastrous 9-11 Terrorist Attacks, the war remains unwinnable despite thousands of Americans and coalition forces killed and countless Afghan dead. The longest war in recent memory remains a deep scar separating the United States from the sympathy of the Muslim world. Despite proclaming itself leader of the "free world," anti-Americanism is the way the world see America.

You will never realize that there different countries who joined the American forces in the mountainous and rugged countrysides of Afghanistan just to take control of this once proud nation. Australian soldiers building schools, Canadian military personnel providing support services, and even South Korean medical personnel providing needed health services. The multinational forces are quite small because this America's war after all.

Have you ever imagined what these mate during their tour of duty? We can only imagine the hardships of the 101st Airborne Division during the Battle of the Bulge just to find a decent food to eat. Their modern predecessors are quite lucky because they have ready-to-eat meals in modular food packs airdropped behind enemy lines.

Here are the amazing pictures of what military chow is in wartime Afghanistan:

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