I have been living the life of a nomad in today's digital age where a president can won because of the power of social media, where governments are toppled because of online activism, where society is changed because of a crazy Internet dance meme, and where people kill themselves because of cyber-bullying. Been away from Cebu, my hometown, for quite a while now and so many things have changed even faster than the remarkable developments of the Industrial Revolution of a bygone era.

Amidst these societal shifts and technological breakthroughs, life remains the same or perhaps people remained contented with the status quo. The rich are becoming filthy richer and the poor became threadbare poorer. People in power refused to go with the changing nature of the winds of change. I have always remain an optimist because I still believe life can be better if we truly want to achieve change.

Lighten up a bit. So many hotels and malls are sprouting up like mushrooms. BPOs and call centers are providing jobs to growing unemployed college graduates. So many young teenagers are on a tight rope between unemployment and unfortunate parenthood. No more job choices because the only high-paid work are in the claustrophobic confines of a graveyard shift call center job. Let's face it, there is no diversity in the job market these days. If you want to have a piece of mind, try becoming a freelance - a e-mercenary of some sorts. Doing business is difficult because of the red tapes and all the unexpected surprises.

The never-ending long stories of rags to riches success of working abroad will do the trick. Indeed, I admit that it pays well than the job I had back home but your personal connections have to be momentarily cut off because you have to start from scratch. Getting uprooted from your comfort zone is not easy and saving money for your family is even more challenging than working back home. Statistics have shown that OFWs tend to squander their money more than those left behind.

Cebu may have grown but it has so many things that it needs to address. Affordable public housing projects like what Singapore did to its citizens. We need massive infrastructure projects like highways, freeways, LRT, MRT, BRT, and train systems like Bangkok has. Stop building so many unnecessary bridges and flyovers. We've got too many malls, why not develop more tourist attractions. Clean up the streets.

The world is changing, we don't want to do all the catching up like where down 20 points in the fourth quarter. I just hope that my children would live to see a better city and see a legacy for them to live with.

Photo Credit: AllThingsCebu.com

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