Now that the Philippine Arena has established itself as the newest sporting destination in the country by hosting the biggest basketball crowd in the PBA, Davao will have its own gargantuan venue with the much-talked about, yet-mysterious KJC King Dome of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Not much is known of this newest construction project as details of this sports arena / religious venue is still under wraps. It is said to have been kept secret until the Philippine Arena was completed so that the KJC King Dome will have the chance to break 55,000-seat barrier that the former has set. They will go out to reach 75,000 seats so that it can host a future boxing card involving Manny Pacquiao.

It will function as the main venue for Quiboloy's religious services as it is said to have a fully-automated stage and 26 built-in cameras. The structure, scheduled to be operational by third quarter of 2016, is being built beside the Francisco Bangoy (Davao) International Airport complex.

No rendering has been released but a leaked yet out-of-scale photo from a magazine showed that KJC King Dome as a large church-like structure and not a sports arena that we know. Another thing that has not yet been talked about is the line of sight from the spectators' perspective considering the fact that it is expected to be bigger than the Philippine Arena. In a 75,000 indoor arena, a clear sight into the stage or playing area without compromising the atmosphere can be a very big challenge. A big LED screen may be installed in the center so that everyone will see the action.

Photo Credits: Skyscrapercity

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