It seems that the upcoming Philippines Football League will be the first professional league in the Philippines that will have a regional format after the ill-fated Metropolitan Basketball Association's run from 1998 to 2002 and the proposed Countrywide Basketball League folded before it even started. Millennials will be treated to a new sports concept first-hand as a league will adopt real home and away teams.

Expected to start on March 2017, there is little news or information available online as how the league will look like. It is understood that the PFL will become the premier league for Filipino footballers out there. The current United Football League still remains the pre-eminent platform for Filipinos to showcase their football skills and get paid out of it. We can't replicate the global success of the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga and their storied historical legacy behind it but we can emulate the growing pains and eventual success of the Japanese J-League, the American Major League Soccer, the Australian A-League or the Chinese Super League.

So we will be starting from scratch with our own football league, we might as well have a unique branding that will best visualize what Filipino football is all about. Here's how I envisioned the Philippines Football League will look like in these mock-up logos:

The logo will use the iconography of the Philippine flag with use of the sun and stars. Primary colors will be used and a bold font to accentuate the league name. Grayscale and alternate logos will also be used. For the inaugural season, separate logos will be used in the top trophies that will be disputed by the competing teams. The 2017 (Smart) PFL League Cup will be won if the team has accumulated the most number of points at the end of the home-away league matches. A separate silverware will be won in the 2017 (Smart) PFF Pilipinas Cup where both division 1 and division 2 teams will play in step-ladder two-legged playoff series. The 2017 Paulino Alcantara Memorial Cup will be a special match wherein the League Cup winners and Pilipinas Cup winners play against each other. If the Pilipinas Cup winner also won the League Cup, the second-placed team in the team standings will assume the slot for the League Cup winners.

In order to gain the popularity of the UFL, the PFL league commissioner should absorb the top UFL teams and geographically distribute it to the upcoming PFL franchises in top footballing cities like Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, and Manila. The other teams not absorbed by the league will become the second division with the top finisher will gain a playoff against the lowest ranked PFL team for promotion/relegation. Relegated teams will be based in Metro Manila to minimize costs while the promoted team will assume the slot vacated by the relegated team or start from scratch at a different location that can host a football team. This could change once the league achieves stability with the second division becoming a regional league of its own.

I hope this new league will reignite our passion for the beautiful game.

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