Many of us have our worst nightmares and pet peeves but we have phobias that are born out of our illogical or irrational fear of certain things and events. Many of our phobias may trigger panic and anxiety attacks that make our lives interesting.

Though we don't know why have these phobias, it is the best indicator of our primal human instinct – being afraid and getting scared. Here are the ten most scariest phobias we fear:

1. Arachnophobia
Spiders are one of the most feared animals that we usually encounter. It has captured our imagination because spiders are portrayed as scary human-eating monsters as portrayed in motion pictures. It has spilled over to real life that we scamper for cover if a spider runs into your way. Interestingly, many women are affected by it than men. But the question is, do we have to fear Spiderman?

2. Acrophobia
When go up the top of the tallest building in Cebu, do you feel dizzy or nauseous as you higher and you see the people below getting smaller? This happens when vertigo kicks in so when this happens, you feel like being pushed to the edge. Some people may get terrified by just peeking at their tenth floor hotel room balcony. Acrophobia means fear of heights and one way of overcoming it getting used to it. Why not try an exhilarating roller coaster ride or bungee jumping.

3. Agoraphobia
It is very frightful experience if you get trapped in a place where is no place to escape. Agoraphobia can be your worse nightmare. In fact, some people who have a phobia like this would avoid crowded places, spectator sports, and public spaces to avoid panic attacks. To overcome your fear, why not go to a bar and dance your night away.

4. Nyctophobia
Though this fear is common in children, some adults may still have nightmares when sleeping in the dark. There is anxiety in some people when going in the dark because critters that may be lurking at night. Challenge your fear of the dark by going into a dark cemetery and you will realize that ghosts don't exist.

5. Claustrophobia
Claustrophobic people tend to have issues with enclosed spaces. No wonder, this type of phobia will restrict your mobility and prevents you from going into an elevator, travel in trains, or going to the basement.

6. Brontophobia
When lightning strikes thunder always follow and of course would cover our ears. While some may cower in fear and head for cover as if the world is coming to an end. Bad weather may always the worst fear in people.

7. Mysophobia
There is this fear of germs for some people who are obsessed in keeping themselves spotlessly clean. Also known as germophobia, many people would always wash their hands to keep free from germs. This may be sound crazy but there are prominent individuals who suffer this terrible phobia of microorganisms – the late pop legend Michael Jackson and the eccentric reclusive industrialist Howard Hughes.

8. Necrophobia
Many of us fear of dying or seeing dead people for that matter. This can be caused by a traumatic experience that we had or just the idea that it's need good to deal anything with the dead.

9. Ophidiophobia
Another fearsome creature that we always hate to see are snakes. Not all people handle snakes everyday so teaching the scaly skin of this cold-blooded serpent can always fill the jitters in your bones. Not only we're afraid of their venom but their hissing sound can bring chills in our spine.

10. Nosiophobia
We don't want to get sick but thinking about fear of getting a deadly disease is enough to make us sick. So nosiophobic individuals can be people that are in a constant state of paranoia of suffering from deadly and incurable diseases caused by Ebola virus or HIV.

There are limitless varieties of phobia from the mundane to the serious ones but whatever that is, there is only one thing that we have to fear – fear itself.

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