There is a romantic appeal to public transportation because it is one thing that many people of all walks of life partake. Men, women, and children. Rich and poor. Locals and tourists. When it comes to public transportation, the jeepney is the old and reliable workhorse because it brings us to the glittering cityscape of Metro Cebu to the remote hinterlands of the province.

However, our everyday experience riding on jeepney can be horrible and oftentimes, a nightmare of some sorts. When you travel from home to work on public transportation, there are always people and circumstances that we always love to hate. No wonder, some people may find their jeep-riding experience an adventure. Here are the top eight pet peeves when we ride jeepneys:

1. Noisy passengers
We have to understand that a jeepney can be considered a public space because there are some people that talk about everything from work to love life. Sometimes, these people can be so annoying when they talk so loud as if they own the place.

2. Bad driving
It depends on how you define good driving is. Most drivers, especially in provincial bound jeeps, are always in a “death race” wherein they bet against another driver on who has the fastest jeepney on the road. Some are drunk and so high that they don’t recognize that they are driving way above the speed limit. Many drivers who are on their last trip for the day tend to drive fast so that they can go home. On the other hand, there are also overly cautious drivers that drive so slow while others drops you off way ahead from the place you intend to stop.

3. Rude behavior
Many drivers don’t return your change right away and you have to shout your hearts out before you get it. The driver’s apprentice, also known as konduktor, become so annoying when demanding from people who haven’t paid their fair.

4. Bad choice of music
Some drivers tend to play classic rock ballads from Bon Jovi and Queen all the time as if they are stucked in the time warp. Why not suggest them to tune in to the best contemporary hit music on the radio.

5. Passengers are forced to squeeze in small spaces
The bad thing about public transportation is that you are forced to seat in uncomfortable position. Some passengers, especially men, tend to spread their legs thereby taking a lot of space.

6. Mendicants and thugs
A concern for personal safety is the presence of mendicants and thugs who can freely enter a jeepney any time they want. They mug people and steal the passenger’s personal belongings and money. The worst case scenario is when they attack helpless passenger who refuses to give their things to these criminals.

7. Exposure to the elements
Unlike taxicabs that has its own air-conditioning, passengers are either exposed to the heat of the sun and drenched wet by the rain when they travel.

8. Pollution
Smoke from other vehicles and cigarettes from smoking passengers are also obnoxious.

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