Many of us love to eat good food but we also love to eat the exotic street foods that we find in every street corner. Our favorite street foods are very much accessible, affordable, and simply delicious. Going on our food trip, it is our great pleasure that these gastronomic delicacies can be found in public places from markets to churches and from schools to parks.

It is not surprising that even young professionals in their business attire line up in small pungko-pungko stalls near their offices just to have a cheap hearty lunch. Many of these makeshift stalls are peddling different kinds of food with varying sizes and shapes with prices ranging from P5 to P20. Here are the top 10 favorite street foods in Cebu City:

1. Balut
This is one famous street food that finds its way to the interest of thrill-seeking American and European tourists not because it tastes good and believed to be an aphrodisiac but they find it so gruesome that they want to taste it so bad. Call the PETA if cooking duck fetus is considered animal cruelty. In fact, balut is now made as a food-eating challenge in popular reality TV shows Fear Factor and Survivor. Thank God Anthony Bourdain loves it.

2. Taho
Who doesn’t love taho, the soybean custard that is mixed with caramelized sugar and sago. Every morning I chase the vendor just to buy freshly made taho for breakfast. When someone shouts “Tahooo…” then I know the taho vendor is near and kids would line up on him for his delicious treat.

3. Tempura and Fishball
Fried tempura and fishball are just made of flour with flavoring but people still love to eat these favorite fried foods. One can choose sweetened or slightly hot and spicy sauce to go with your tempura or fishball.

4. Peanuts
Peanuts are available in different forms with boiled peanuts with their shell intact or raw peanuts. Some vendors also sell friend peanuts with varieties such as salty peanuts and sugar-coated peanuts. Many of the vendors sell their peanuts near schools and universities because many students eat it before they go to school since it is said to be good for the brain.

5. Barbecue
Filipinos love to eat barbecued chicken or pork and wherever you go, you can see smoking grills by the sidewalks selling different types of barbecue from chicken legs to pig’s intestines. In fact, we have names for every type of barbecues and kebabs like adidas for chicken leg, betamax for curdled pork blood cubes, helmet for chicken head, and batikon for chicken gizzards. Another favorite skewered foods are banana cue and camote cue, these are fried and caramelized bananas and sweet potatoes.

6. Ice Cream
Our favorite sorbetero always roll around the corner with the tingling bell sound to invite children buy his flavor of the month. Chocolate, mango, and vanilla ice cream or a combination of the three.

7. Green Mango with Shrimp Paste
Green mango with the tasty shrimp paste is a good combination because it mixes the sourness of the mango and the saltiness of the fermented shrimp. Just bear in mind that your teeth would turn into bright fuschia-red.

8. Siomai
Whether if it’s the famous Tisa siomai or not, these faux-Chinese food is a favorite takeaway food for busy, working Cebuanos.

9. Ngohiong
Many students who want to have quick lunch meal would always eat the tasty ngohiong with the hot chili sauce together orders upon orders of hanging rice then top it off with an iced-cold lemon-lime softdrink.

10. Kwek-kwek
Nothing special here because it is just made of hard-boiled egg coated with orange-colored flour.

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