Its been 70 years ago since Japan made that daring sneak attack on the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor that plunged the world into global chaos and destruction. Despite the mounting evidence and documentaries that supported the thesis that the Imperial Japanese Navy made that move to temporarily buy time as the damaged US Navy can get back on its feet, there are mysteries and conspiracy theories that are left unanswered as to why the Japanese never capitalised the situation to push the Americans into the brink of avoiding a war in two fronts.

I do believe that history will become a science when man invents the time machine but the problem lies in the human behavior and tendency to do certain things different from what is usual. We always make choices and decisions big and small so any divergence will create different analogs of the reality we know. Even time can play a factor in changing the fabric of time and space so if someone makes a decision one minute too late then the ripples of this divergence may alter the things to come! So what if we can rewind and skip FDR's famous speech and go back to the time when the Japanese were bound to their next target - the Hawaiian Islands.

By this time, the war in China was raging and Japan just received Indochina from the French. All the arrows are pointing towards other directions, including the far-flung Pacific islands and the American colonial bastion of the Philippines. What if the Americans were badly prepared than usual and Chuichi Nagumo and Isoroku Yamamoto woke up well? Could these minor changes in the behavior and personal atmosphere can change the whole course to a different direction? The answer is YES! Small things can create divergence in history that is so great that the outcome would be different from what we know.

Possessing hindsight of what might have happened or superior technology from the future are usual storyline for alternate histories. In my case, I would prefer the sudden changes in personal decisions and other minor quirks.

Bombing Pearl Harbor into submission and followed by an actual beachhead of the Hawaiian islands may put a fear into the Americans back at home. To prevent possible reinforcements from the Atlantic fleet, Japanese submarines with aircrafts can deliver a knockout blow by destroying the Panama Canal in another Pearl Harbor-like bombing run. An audacious attack like this would prevent the Americans from getting involved in the Pacific War as long as the Japanese submarines can provide rear guard action on the American west coast. The full might of the Imperial Japanese Navy will be unleashed in the helpless European colonies in Asia.

As the attack on Pearl Harbor happened, Panama Canal is laid siege while bombs fell on San Francisco and Los Angeles. Reinforcements are forced to travel down to Tierra del Fuego while Japanese and German submarines pick out the transport ships and escorts one by one. The lightly defended Pacific coast would succumb to the fury of the Imperial Japanese Marines. The United States would probably capitulate in less than a year.

With wunderwaffe and technological superiority, our lives would have been different under the Japanese flag all thanks to some insignificant change in the timing of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor or the way the Japanese task force operated their war plans. We may never know the possibilities of Japan winning the war.

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