Although I'm not a big fan of local celebrities and artistas, I always get to hear certain keywords that may mean nothing. I guess it is because we are the masters of uncertainty and as my favorite political satirist/social commentarist - Lourd de Veyra - would say, "...hindi tayo tiyak sa ibig sasabihin natin" and "...tayong mga Pinoy ay hari ng walang katiyakan kaya malabo rin ang ating patutunguhan bilang isang bayan."

I would like to show you some examples as to how our local celebrities express themselves when confronted with intriguing rumors or salacious personal issues on television. What makes it worse is that our "reputable" news even digs in on rumors, hearsays, and "he says, she says" stories without getting the facts right. Instead of reporting the news correctly, they tend to ask questions to the television viewers and thereby, leaving the news open to different interpretations.

How come? Sugarcoating stories to fool naive audiences? Are they dumbing us down? It's for you to judge if these euphemisms and creative word plays are pop culture disinformation.

CASE #1 - 24 Oras "news" reader Pia Guanio starts her report with "Inspirado raw is Rochelle Pangilinan sa plano niyang pagpapasexy..." It means that Ms. Guanio is not definite with the news report because "inspirado raw..." And "nagpapasexy" is a broad and overused term when referring to some wannabe celebrity or "laos na artista," who is trying to boost one's chances in landing big money-making movies and projects. Besides, it could mean that the person is raring to wear just lingerie or want to go all the way and post nude.

CASE #2 - Another interesting choice of words is "nagpapaka-daring." This overused Tagalog-English word is synonymous to case #1 but its connotations is much more mild because it could mean someone is open to "sexy" roles or interested in venturing in other genres.

CASE #3 - The repeated use of "sobra" as a superlative when expressing their happiness or excitement is quite annoying. It could mean that they are just being OA or pleasing people just to reassure them that they are ready for a particular movie role.

CASE #4 - Although it is an honor to have a Filipino movie shown in the US, it doesn't mean it's a "Hollywood" movie already nor our local artistas "Hollywood" / "international" stars. The truth of the matter is that they still have to break the barrier to be considered as that. Besides, the American movie critics who reviewed the film are just "being nice." Does it mean if lets just say Richard Guttierez stars in a relatively unknown, low budget film that happens to be starred by American actors, does it mean he's a true-blue Hollywood star? I don't think so! The problem with the media is they tend to sugarcoat everything by mixing facts and gossips. Just listen to what Lhar Santiago has to say in this news report. He's just a gossip reporter not a journalist, why is GMA doing this crap on television? I would love to hear Anderson Cooper on CNN than this rubbish.

CASE #5 - Gossips and rumors are part of life that is why television tend to play our minds. One of the oldest trick in the book is reporting a reputed "love team" developing between co-stars like Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Then the news reporter or talk show host would say "sila na daw?" Classic isn't it?

Do you know other cases that we tend to overlook? What are some of the disinformation in television that you have seen? Please post your comments and I will feature it in future articles.

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