We always dream or having fantasies of getting our wishes come true whether they may be realistic or not. Just like what we read about Aladdin and his magic lamp or watching reruns of the classic TV series “I Dream of Jeannie,” getting three wishes from our genie has always captivated our imaginations since we were kids.

If getting a genie of the lamp is real, what do you think people would wish for? Surely, any human would always want to feed or his/her selfish desires. You have only three wishes but you have so many things in your head that you really want to come true. It boils down to which wish that you are dying to make it come true is much more important over the other. Here are the top ten genie of the lamp wishes we want to come true:

1. Bring someone back to life
When it comes to making a wish from a genie of the lamp, some people tend to make an unselfish wish – bringing someone back to life. This person could be your loved one that passed away and you really want to spend your life with them even longer. It’s a tough call when you are thinking about selfish things that can benefit you the most and you have two wishes left.

2. Immortality
On the flipside of things, it is always man’s desire to live on forever because anyone would think that dying is worst thing that could happen but outliving your every loved ones is not cool. No one wants to be alone by the time all things have been said and done. Living for another thousand years can be boring in the long run.

3. Regain one’s youth
Just like the previous wish, one of our fantasies is about getting back our lost youth wherein we want to turn back the hands of time where we can start fresh and renew our life and destiny. Unfortunately, we can never be Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, or Benjamin Button, the man who lived to old age but died young.

4. Get wealthy
Of course when you wish for something, you never think about the consequences and repercussions. We always think about what we can benefit and how we can better ourselves. Call it selfish or greed but it is our human nature. We can have all the money in the world but we can’t buy everything.

5. Become beautiful
Even a fashion makeover is not enough because women would always want to wish about getting beautiful. We always want our own fairy godmother to transform us to someone we want to be. Though is no fairy tale but we still have these fantasies in our head. Who wouldn’t want to be attractive?

6. Get our ideal partner
Men always want to wish to have the sexiest and most beautiful women that they can have or maybe a harem of them. This is where the genie of the lamp knows best, fulfilling our primal desires and fantasies.

7. Get back at your enemies
Some people may want retribution to their enemies and people that have transgressed them. Asking the genie of the lamp to do its magic would be one of our wishes by bringing misfortune upon the bullies, jocks, and jerks in our lives.

8. Wishing for more wishes
Since a genie of the lamp can only give us three wishes, why not ask for more. We wish to have more wishes to wish for. Sounds complicated? If the genie doesn’t give you that wish then you may ask the genie to give three wishes to someone and let them do their wishes for you. Sounds fair? I would probably work.

9. World peace
Well sounds like a beauty pageant answer, isn’t it? Everybody wants to have a pretty peaceful world to live in, who wouldn’t want that? This is one wish that I would definitely wish for.

10. Go back in time
If you don’t have a time machine, you can always ask the genie of the lamp to get you back in time so that you can meet one of your favorite Beatles John Lennon or rock on at the Woodstock with someone groovy. Change your life in the past and hopefully your present will turn out better.

As the old saying goes, “Be careful on what wish for, it may happen.” The thing is that when you wish for something there are always unintended consequences for every opportunity we always take because the wish we want is not we always need.

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  1. 1.I wanted my own beach house
    2.. Scooby doo 1 and 2 from both movies
    3.) free


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