The Philippines has 7,107 beautiful islands and there are thousands of attractions that tourists can go to. The Queen City of the South, being the country’s tourism hub, is among the top tourist destination for travelers who want to go to places they haven’t gone before.

If you want to visit Cebu, there are many places to go and so many attractions to marvel. It is a complete travel experience for those who want fun, relaxation, friendly people, and delicious local cuisine and culinary delights. Whether you take a scenic bus ride to the neighboring towns and municipalities, a smooth boat ride to the neighboring islands, or an exhilarating airplane ride to Bantayan Island then you have to check out the top tourist destinations in Cebu.

1. Magellan’s Cross

Tourists have to visit the Magellan’s Cross when they visit Cebu because it is simply a MUST. It is where Ferdinand Magellan planted the cross when he reached the island in 1521.

2. Basilica Minore de Sto. Niño

The religious devotees and tourists alike flock this place to marvel at this age-old church that is said to be the most famous of all churches in the region. It also houses the religious figure of the Sto. Niño that was brought by the Spanish missionaries more than 500 years ago.

3. Enchanting Bantayan Island

Located in the northern part of the province, Bantayan Island has white sands and wide shorelines that many tourists can enjoy. The ultimate beach destination of the province also host its town fiesta on the Holy Week, no wonder many people try to escape the monotony of city life in this spectacular place.

4. Lovely Camotes Island

These small islands located half-way between Cebu and Leyte have a few attractions that we recommend. There are many breathtaking places that are truly one-of-a-kind such as Lake Danao, Guadalupe Cave, Santiago Beach Resort, and Mangodlong Beach Resort. Whether you want a nature trip or spelunking, there is always places to go for you and your companions.

5. Rustic Argao

When you visit the town of Argao, it feels like that you are traveling back to time because of its rich cultural heritage. Enjoy the local delicacies and partake in an interesting lunch with their favorite masareal and crunchy chicharon.

6. Amazing Dalaguete

Another sleepy town in Cebu is Dalaguete but it has lot of places to go that you may want to visit. Not only is it lined up with beautiful beach resorts, the town is also considered Cebu’s breadbasket because of its suitable climate. Mountaineers will enjoy the peaks of Mantalongon while triathletes and running enthusiasts can enjoy a good run and even visit Obong Spring.

7. Busay's Panoramic Mountain View

This mountain overlooking the city of Cebu is a good location to see the city from the top. Family and friends can hang out there and take pictures at its wonderful “tribal” sculptures and even try their hanging bridge at a precarious height. Tops in Busay also offer an awesome view of the nighttime cityscape of Cebu.

8. Marvelous Mactan Island

Ever tried sutukil? Try checking out the seafood cooked in three different ways: grilled, soup dish, and raw. It is also home to the famous beaches of Maribago Bluewaters, Cebu Beach Club, Shangrila Mactan, Plantation Bay, and Portofino. Did I mention that you can get back to the city via the famous Mactan Bridge or a scenic barge ride?

9. Art-Inspired Restobars

Handuraw is one unique place where you can enjoy good food, great art and music, and unique ambiance at the same time.

10. Get Lost in the Malls

Cebu has a lot of malls from the environmentally-friendly Ayala Center with its wonderful Terraces to the pang-masa SM City Cebu. You may want to try thrift stores and flea markets that is scattered around the city where you can find your favorite pasalubongs.

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